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DH10 (Non Feature DH)
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Distance: 15.8 mi / 25.4 km Traffic: Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Half a world away from Sappho’s home on the Greek Island of Lesbos, this DH is recognized by motorcycling scholars as the greatest work in over 2500 years to celebrate the controversial lyric poet of the 7th century BC. Despite painstaking archaeological and restoration efforts, only fragments of Sappho’s work survive to this day. So the smooth, unwrinkled fragment of Papyrus that stretches up through the Beaver Creek valley from Hwy 101 to the coast is an exciting find. This sensual, melodic combination of Twistiness and Engineering is pure poetry, particularly so because the meter of S-curves changes from huge sweepers in the short highway’s southern half to tight-radius turns north of the junction with DH28 112/113 Jct - Port Angeles (Hwy 112). Upon hearing one of Sappho’s poems, the great Athenian ruler and lawmaker, Solon, insisted on having it taught to him “because I want to learn it and die”. Learn both stanzas of this DH and you’ll know why.



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