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DH67 (Non Feature DH)
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Distance: 21.3 mi / 34.3 km Traffic: Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Listen up, class. You may be 18 and not know what you want, but you can pass Navigation 101 with top marks if you’re able to make it to the end of this very well-paved and generally well-engineered DH without going off track. The moderately curved and lightly trafficked route changes directions and names more often than the former USSR on its trek through the forests, farms and increasing suburban development that cover the shallow Delphi Valley south of Olympia. But it is a course worth studying. Especially if you want a more stimulating and less strictly supervised north-south experience than the one offered by the disciplinarian speed tax collectors on the parallel I-5. The southern syllabus, winding beside the Black River, is marked as a bicycle route, so bear in mind that classmates may include our special needs, speed-challenged brethren. And if you go on this field trip, watch those school zones. At least when school’s not out for summer.




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