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Not to up-sell you or anything, but if you're thinking of buying only DHWA or DHBC, there are very good reasons (other than the $10 you'll save for buying both, of course) why you should consider getting both at the same time.

When we head out from Vancouver to (generally) the best concentration of great riding in BC (in the Kootenays) we ALWAYS go one way through Washington to maximise our riding pleasure. And we're not alone: Over 70% of riders in WA and BC who buy one book from us online, eventually buy the other. The smartest ones get 'em both at the same time and start using them together.

Why? Well, we are blessed to have the fabulous biking we have next to each other in BC and Washington State. And some of the best riding in both is right up against the border of the other. Not only that but the motorcycling in BC and WA offers equally good but different experiences, because of the different topography.

A lot of this great riding is within a couple hundred miles of the joint border. If you ride one without the other, you will only have HALF the pleasure you could be having.

We'd be completely remiss if we didn't suggest you get--and ride--both as well. Your life will be immeasurably improved by following this advice, trust us. And, not incidentally, so will ours.

If you use just one of our books on a trip, no question, you will have one of the best riding experiences of your life (Testimonials
). If you use both DHBC & DHWA, it will be even better. Guaranteed. If you don't agree, just mail the book you weren't going to buy back to us and we'll refund your money for the second book, as well as whatever it cost you to ship it back to us, no questions asked. (We may silently question your sanity, though...)

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