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DH43  Hoh-Clearwater Road

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What People Say & Feedback:

Want to buy DHWA DHBC and/or DHNorCal?

What people say about DHWA

"This, bar none, is the best American motorcycle guide we've read. Hopefully, it won't take too long for Bosworth and Sanders to survey the rest of the roads in the US because everyone with a passion for waltzing a bike through beautiful roads needs one of these guides." --RoadRUNNER, Motorcycle Cruising & Touring

"An astonishingly thorough guide...this thing is so in-depth, it's sort of hard to describe. If you want to know where to ride in the state of Washington and what it's like, this is your book."--RiderWearhouse/  

"The word "thorough" does not even begin to cover these books." --Friction Zone, Motorcycle Travel & Information

"There are lots of great roads in Washington and across the border to the north in British Columbia, Canada. We're not talking just nice roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway, we're talking scenic paved roads zooming over majestic mountain passes similar to the European Alps, twisting around volcanoes such as Mt St Helens and zipping through shadowy canyons as impressive as any in North America. There's no question there are great roads in the Northwest. The only question is which ones do you have time for? My personal suggestion is to get a copy of Destination Highways Washington. Personally, I'm impressed with the amount of information in these guides. These guys have done their homework and it shows. I know you're going to find DHWA impressive, so I also suggest you get a copy of Destination Highways British Columbia." --David L Hough author of "Proficient Motorcycling" "More Proficient Motorcycling" & "Street Strategies" (in BMW ON)

"Travel books are helpful for reading up on an area before you go, and also for catching the bug to go to an area. Bosworth and Sanders have created a book series that  scores high on both counts. Most importantly, these books are focused on the needs and interests of motorcyclists. Be forewarned: thumb through a copy (of DHBC) and youíll probably be thinking about heading to Canadaís western province next summer. I scrutinized the second book (DHWA) to see if (they) had discovered my favorite roads, and whether we agreed on the ratings. How about the twisty road between Enterprise, Oregon and Clarkston, Washington? Few riders seem to have discovered that little gem. Yep, itís DH18.  Iím surprised they found that one, but I agree with the rating. OK, how about Forest Service Road 25 from Randle south past Mt. St. Helens? Sure enough, itís DH4. Bottom line: Iíd trust these guys. Iím impressed with these very functional and informative motorcycling guides."  
David L Hough (in Motorcycle Consumer News)

"This is an impressive book...the Ulysses of guide books, a pound and a half of maps, stories, arcane and sometimes humorous facts, indexes and qualitative ratings... rides are described intimately, as if they had stopped after each curve, dug out notebooks and held detailed conversations...Even the Glossary of Twisted Terms is amusing: if you've never heard of "twistosterone" you need to get yourself in the BC book, maps are printed for easy use in low light. There are a lot of maps, by the way, and they are very good maps... You can see where the money went: spiral-bound, full-color, printed like an art book and exhaustive detail."
--Cycle Canada  Read Complete Review 

"I finally got off my ass and ordered (DHWA & DHBC), and I've spent the last several days flipping through them like a crack addict...and my boys at Twisted Edge Publishing provided the fix for me.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest or are even thinking about planning a ride to that area, I recommend picking up these little gems.  Hell, even if you're heading up there in the cage these would come in handy.  Double hell!  Even if you're a map freak and can appreciate the beautiful layout of these'll love 'em!"  Read Complete Review

"Bosworth and Sanders have done a great job of profiling Washington Stateís best roads... (it's) a bargain price when you consider the wealth of information thatís in the book
"  Read Complete Review

"For my fellow enthusiasts who view the journey as the equal or even greater reward then the destination, this book is for you. ...the TEs listed in my area identified a number of roads that I had not discovered in the past 10 years, they alone would be worth the price of the book. ...this 542 page reference work will become an essential part of your Ferrari. It is some of the best money I have spent on mine." 

"If a ride through Washington State is in your plans, you could miss a lot if you go without getting this book first" --IronWorks, The Journal for Harley Enthusiasts

"Donut Hole: (n) that part of a Krispy Kreme with no pastry or that part of central Washington with no curves."  That's from the Twisted Terms Glossary at the front of Brian Bosworth's and Michael Sanders' latest foray into moto-publishing: the highly entertaining, gorgeously produced, 542-page bikers' guide... they nailed it first time out (with DHBC), and promise to do so once again with this fully mapped and rated guide to the most scenic twists and turns in Washington State. I can attest to the accuracy and usefulness of Bosworth and Sanders' rating system. Their top-rated road (in Washington) was one of my peak experiences last summer." 
Vancouver Sun  Read Complete Review

"Bosworth and Sanders' writing style is easy to read, engaging and witty. They have aimed these books squarely at pavement warriors and have succeeded in producing the best road guides available; bibles for seeking the finest roads in British Columbia and Washington State.  And as indispensable as a good credit card and sticky tires." --Edmonton Journal

"These guys know who is reading this stuff and there is no politically correct filler here.  They write for the dedicated rider and do it so well you could imagine you are talking to a fellow rider at a gas station sharing tips on where to go.  I have used the previous book to plan out some great rides in BC and know that these guys know what they are talking about. --North Shore News  Read Complete Review 

Media reviews

Want to buy DHWA DHBC and/or /DHNorCal?

"I'm a 66 year old native from the Seattle area and as such, thought I knew all the roads Washington has to offer. Hah! Yesterday I went about 25 minutes from from my home in Lynnwood and enjoyed the Spring weather on roads I'd never been on before!" --Bill

"I am a Highway Engineer by education so great highways have always been of great interest to me. Your (TIRES) rating system is a great way to evaluate roads specifically for the characteristics that we motorcyclists desire most." --Jerry

"Very thorough, I've discovered tons of new roads that I've literally driven right past for years!" --liv4thekill

"...outstanding guidebooks for the best motorcycling roads in Washington State and British Columbia. I have both books and (they) are the best of their kind, easily worth twice what they cost. They're THAT good."--Woofy 

"Far and away the best thing out there. It hits the spot exactly and I canít think of anything else that comes even close."--Eric

"It's worth the price, especially with the price of gas these days. You can't afford to waste time and money on crappy roads." --Mitch

"A Godsend!  Riders spend hours searching the internet for opinions and secret roads that can all be found at their fingertips in mere seconds here." --Neal

"Combining DHWA with the GPS really gave us some insight into some options that we would have never even thought about." --SeattleVet

"I can't say enough good things about DH Washington--truly great. The day after it arrived last year, I headed north to Washington (from home in Las Vegas, NV) and rode my tail off in the Volcano Region. Stayed in the same town for four days and road different loops every day. Having ridden all of the DH's in that region and most of the TE's, I agree with all of your assessments. Northern Cal has been my riding stomping ground for 25 years so I'm anxious to see your new book!" --Jim C

"We used your WA and BC books to guide us on our annual summer tour this past June and could not have put together such a great trip without them!" --B LaMear

"Great book! Not only the best motorcycle guidebook I've seen but one of the best laid-out and organized guidebooks of any kind." --Chris

"I've bought both DHBC & DHWA and have now ridden about 75% of the runs described. I'm happy to report that I agree with your assessments almost all the time. Absolutely invaluable guides!" --Andreas S

"I've hummed and hawed, and if any of you are in the same state, BUY THE BOOK!!  It IS worth it." --Joel

"I want to tell you how much I enjoy these books. Not simply because they provide me with amazing rides I'd otherwise miss. They're also well-written enough to be recreational reading (my wife is always asking me what could be so funny in a guide book). And quite simply, it's a joy to see someone take on such a big project and do it so right." --Phil

DHWA kicks ass!" --Pit Crew

"If you're looking for the best and most challenging roads for motorcycles in Washington, look no further than DHWA. This is a very comprehensive collection of the curviest, most scenic, and best engineered roads in the state and has the best road specific details available." --M Cambern

"Let me say that both DHWA & DHBC have exceeded my EVERY expectation! It's nice to have a reference work that includes so much information pertinent to motorcyclists."--Chris

"Anything listed in this book is golden. Well worth the money --make sure to ask for it for Xmas!"--Lestat

"These are the best motorcycle guides out there for an area. Bar none. Absolutely the best $$$ you will spend if you like the twisties!" --DragonRider

"Destination Highways BC has for a few years been THE bible for backroads in BC. Having recently put DH Washington to the test, I have to say it is as valuable as a few sheets of TP tucked away for emergencies when riding in remote areas."--EFZEDONE

"Compared to Destination Highways books, everything else is a giant stinking turd." --Phil 

"The information and formatting are awesome! You will want to purchase  this book. --H1 Rabbit

"DHBC has become my bible on the road. For Christmas, I gave myself DH Washington --many of the roads (in it) I have experienced, but look forward to exploring more. Didn't realize the special roads so close to home. Thanks for the work cataloging everything in such a minute and entertaining fashion." --Jim

"A great book. When they rate something high, it's gonna be a great  road...a sweet tool to use for planning a trip--saves a lot of the guess work for you." --Brassneck  

"Great book! (TIRES is an) excellent and accurate rating system, one of the best tools I have seen to help plan an enjoyable trip, no matter what type of riding experience you are after. Keep up the good work, looking forward to Northern California."--Mark

"...their eyes lit up when I brought up your title. Your book is their bible! They love it. He reads it at night, in bed, fantasizing about the next trip to take..." --Glenda

"Our traveling companions were amazed at my intimate knowledge of Washington's back roads, all acquired thanks to DHWA. I really appreciate the amount of work involved in putting these books together. Now off to plan a weekend trip to Port Townsend via DH27, DH52..." --Adrian 
"Stopped for water in Tahuya today at the end of DH32, and was told by the store clerk, "We've had more motorcycles than cars through here today...and they all seem to have that same book you've got in your hand."  When I got home my wife, who hates to ride (huh???), picked up your book and wants a copy of her own. Nice work guys!" --Phil 

"DHWA has been a great read. Fantastic detail in the writing, and dead on about features to look for (and look out for). Good job!" --Tom

"Thanks for DHWA and DHBC. Half the fun is figuring out where to ride next, and these books are a HUGE help!"--Dean

"Four friends and I just got back from a trip through the Palouse area of SE Washington using your new book extensively. We can't say enough in praise of the incredible amount of work you obviously devoted to the task and what a terrific tool it is for exploring new roads. Eagerly anticipating your next book!"--John

"At the last Calgary Motorcycle Show I stopped at your booth to tell you how impressed I was with DHBC when you pitched me on DHWA. I started to protest, stating that I have never even ridden there but then I realized that if Washington was worth you guys covering, certainly it must be worth me checking out.  Thank you in advance for the great adventures there that surely await!!!!" --Dave 

"I just received DHWA and my expectations were surpassed in every way. Superb job on a great book!" --Joel

"I have both DHWA and DHBC and love them. I've purchased several copies to give to friends. Everyone loves them. Thanks for the hard work and keep them coming--can't wait to see Northern California!"--John

"I just donít think you will find more comprehensive and detailed bike guides anywhere else." --Lisen

"I received DHWA a while back and love it. Please don't change a thing. Your format and execution are utterly fabulous. I eagerly look forward to your next book, whatever area you choose to cover!" --Jeffrey

"WOW! Just got DHWA for Christmas. Fantastic book! Thanks again - keep up the GREAT work!" --Bob

"...jeez, what a shit load of work. I suspect that few realize the amount of work (and money) that goes into producing such a comprehensive undertaking. The thing that really pissed me off though was page 464. Bit like being exposed to a photo of naked teen ladies--having been teased with the pic, I now need to go there, which could be costly." --Max

"My first scan indicates that DH Washington will be as useful and entertaining as DHBC, and I use that all the time. They're great to read even during the cold winter months when my bike is off the road. I am sure the next book will be great!" --Alan

"The travel info in DHWA is great. You have to appreciate the amount of work put in to publish it. Iron butt or what?" --Fury

"I just received my copy of DH Washington, which I had pre-ordered. It was worth the wait. You guys did a great job!"--David

Want to buy DHWA DHBC and/or DHNorCal?

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