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DH2 (Non Feature DH)
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Distance: 16.0 mi / 25.7 km Traffic: Can be Heavy

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Imagine... Unceasing S-curves climbing through old forest up to the skyscraping heights of the Mt St Helens National Historical Monument. Panoramic views of pumice plains surrounded by ridges and snowy peaks. A challenging, guardrail-less squiggle along the precarious lip of the volcano’s blast zone. A dotted center line as far as the eye can see, so as long as the traffic’s not too heavy, you can get by it and set your own pace. Now, imagine DH Washington’s twistiest road coated in a lacquer of smooth, dreamy Pavement that’s only uncovered from late May to early September. Imagine... DH2. 


Riders Reviews:
"This is the best twisty road in the state. I have been riding it since 1986 when it was gravel. ' Twas a bit different back then. It is much better now. Gee maybe if another of these volcano's went off we could get some more good roads like this." --Jim Fontana

"This road is my favorite road of all time. I think it should have been DH1 in the book, but DH2 is close enough. You owe it to yourself to ride this road at least once!"--Mike

"As good as advertised. Awesome road and views. Only word of caution is to look for falling rocks/gravel in places, sometimes in spots you can't see until very late in the corner. Other than that, it is a "must" ride. This is probably a better morning ride than afternoon as that area seems to attract lots of sightseeing families and tourists by late morning."--Eric Wikstrom

"This road is amazing! Yes, gravel can be a problem. However, this road is SO good, you won't get bored riding it over and over until you memorize where every flaw is...then you'll want to ride it a few more times! This road is even better before schools out for summer and after labor day when traffic is reduced to a trickle." --Craig

"Just finished DH2 and had a blast. Great road with a lot of sharp, quick turns. Only negative was almost rattling a filling loose on DH4 getting there!" --Lee Zarella

"We went to the Mt. St. Helens area specifically to ride DH 2, 3 & 4. This is one KICK-BUTT Ride!!! I had new Kuryakyn Iso pegs on my VTX 1800C and before we got 30 miles, I had ground them to a 45 degree angle! The repairs to the pavement (when they've been made) are not the best. Having ridden DH1 as well, DH2 is slightly more remote but the scenery isn't as lush. Make no mistake, though... this is fun! We rode early on a Friday morning... and practically had the road to ourselves! Pylons that were on the road generally recognized that we were out to have fun... they moved aside and let us ride."--B "Grinch" Francis