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Feature DH:

DH43  Hoh-Clearwater Road

Non-Feature DHs:


DH26 DH51
DH2 DH27 DH52
DH3 DH28 DH53
DH4 DH29 DH54
DH5 DH30 DH55
DH6 DH31 DH56
DH7 DH32 DH57
DH8 DH33 DH58
DH9 DH34 DH59
DH10 DH35 DH60
DH11 DH36 DH61
DH12 DH37 DH62
DH13 DH38 DH63
DH14 DH39 DH64
DH15 DH40 DH65
DH16 DH41 DH66
DH17 DH42 DH67
DH18 DH43 DH68
DH19 DH44 DH69
DH20 DH45 DH70
DH21 DH46 DH71
DH22 DH47 DH72
DH23 DH48 DH73
DH24 DH49 DH74
DH25 DH50  



DH by Region

Destination Highways Washington breaks the state into the 9 regions shown below. The four Overall maps at the front of the book show all the regions together. Each region has between 7 and 10 DHs. There are 9 Regional maps at the beginning of each region that show you all the DHs (Destination Highways) and TEs (Twisted Edges) within each region on one map, for context. Then, the Local map (sometimes as many as three per DH) for each of the 74 DHs (and their attendant 272 TE side roads) show all the features and important services (gas, bike shops, food & drink, accommodations & camping, police stations) along the way. In addition there are ten maps showing the 20 Greater Seattle Area TEs and two maps showing the 10 Spokane Area TEs The maps, together with the Access directions written for each DH (and where necessary for TEs) are designed to get you on the best roads in Washington as quickly and easily as possible in order to maximize your precious two-wheeled time. And isn't that what you're interested in?

 Puget Sound

DH46 has 3 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH61 has 5 TEs
DH56 has 5 TEs
DH8   has 3 TEs
DH27 has 6 TEs
DH53 has 7 TEs
DH52 has 8 TEs
DH32 has 9 TEs
There are also 20 GREATER SEATTLE AREA TEs shown on 10 more maps. 
Olympic Peninsula

DH22 has 6 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH6   has 2 TEs
DH28 has 1 TE
DH15 has 1 TE
DH20 has 2 TEs
DH43 has 2 TEs

South Coast

DH72 has 11 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH67 has 1 TE
DH47 has 8 TEs
DH58 has 3 TEs
DH64 has 2 TEs
DH16 has 3 TEs
DH17 has 8 TEs

Volcano Region
DH33 has 4 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH19 has 1 TE
DH4   has 3 TEs
DH59 has 1 TE
DH51 has 5 TEs 
DH3   has 10 TEs
DH9   has 2 TEs
DH57 has 1 TE
Cascade Columbia

DH74 has 2 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH44 has 1 TE
DH36 has 4 TEs
DH25 has 2 TEs
DH38 has 6 TEs
DH7   has 1 TE
DH41 has 3 TEs 

North Cascades
DH40 has 8 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH55 has 5 TEs 
DH1   has 2 TEs
DH29 has 3 TEs 
DH34 has 2 TEs
DH39 has 4 TEs
DH5   has 2 TEs
DH66 has 4 TEs
DH42 has 1 TE
Okanogan Highlands
DH11 has 5 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH50 has 1 TE 
DH62 has 2 TEs
DH13 has 1 TE  
DH65 has 2 TEs 
DH69 has 5 TEs 
DH26 has 2 TEs  
DH30 has 3 TEs 
DH24 has 7 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH45 has 4 TEs
DH73 has 5 TEs
DH63 has 5 TEs
DH14 has 3 TEs 
DH54 has 8 TEs
There are also 10 SPOKANE AREA TEs shown on two more maps.

DH68 has 7 side roads (Twisted Edges)
DH60 has 4 TEs 
DH18 has 2 TEs 
DH71 has 4 TEs 
DH35 has 1 TE
DH37 has 8 TEs